Cassy's Webcomic Recs!

Hi there! c:
I read a lot of webcomics, and I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make a tumblr to archive all these webcomics AND recommend them to the rest of you at the same time!

If there's a webcomic you'd like me to check out/feature, feel free to drop me an ask!

Updates: Complete // Artist: Ashwara aka William Gibbons

From the website: [Para-Ten] is about a girl who was washed down a river and winds up far from home. She embarks on a journey home, encountering fantastic things, beautiful things, horrible things, disgusting things. It is an exploration of balance, patience, and courage.

I have been reading Para-Ten since its first strip, and it was quite a journey. The story is simplistic and the art is beautiful. Paveline’s journey is a tough one, but her determination to remain optimistic throughout the entire thing is touching and something that I really admire. This is a webcomic that doesn’t thrive on being anything other than what it is; it doesn’t have to touch on current social issues, or try to be edgy, it’s enjoyable just as it is.

Para-Ten will be a fairly quick read for anyone, and it’s easy to pick up and get sucked right in. Since it’s completed, you don’t have to worry about falling behind in the reading.

But don’t fret! Para-Ten may be finished, but William is hard at work on Late Blooming as well.